Strategies of making use of economic location theory in promoting academic, scientific cultural, life style and tourist locations

1. Sustained professional advertising of American, British and Australian academic institutions world-wide in order to attract the best talents from all world regions for research, teaching and study
2. British, French, Irish, Californian, Bavarian, Saxon strategies of attracting direct investment from abroad by advertising the quality of life of their locations for the staff of foreign firms in terms of schools, universities, cultural life, beauty of landscapes, historical heritage etc.
3. a new strategy of Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Economy to bring institutions of cultural life, such as museums, theaters, orchestras, operas etc, and representatives of the tourism business together, in order to make use of Germany’s cultural “assets” as a ferment stimulating the service sector of the economy
4. new strategies of Dresden’s, Berlin’s and Munich’s traditional State Museums, orchestras and Opera houses to broaden the base of their economic viability by making use of public relations campaigns such as the German Year in Japan 2005-2006, by cooperating with the German tourist sector, and through commercial engagements by private agencies or event management firms in foreign countries
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