1. Report on strategic pragmatism in foreign direct investment and the role of Japanese corporations in Europe for the International Institute for Economic Studies (IIES) of Toyota Corporation, Tokyo 1993 (Michele Schmiegelow in her capacity as Executive Director of the Global Economic Strategy Center, Blanmont)
2. Presentations on methods for attracting investment from the US, Western Europe and Japan to the Economic Ministry of the Government of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from 1991 to 1993 (Michele Schmiegelow in her capacity as above)
3. Initiation of the establishment of an inter-county association of the Counties of Güstrow and Sternberg for the protection of the attractive but fragile moraine landscape of the counties, the development of “soft tourism” in this region, and its promotion as a locoation for environment friendly industries producing high added value; design of the statutes of that association and advisory participation in its first activities from 1991 to 1993 (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as President of the Global Economic Stratgey Center asbl, Blanmont)
4. Advice to the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) on more effective strategies for promoting Germany in the global competition of academic and technological locations (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as German Ambassador to Japan and in the framework of his work for the German Year in Japan 2005/2006)
5. Guidance of efforts by the Federal Government and German business associations for the establishment of a "German House" in Japan as a cluster combining under one roof the locations of the German Chamber of Commerce in Japan and all other economic, cultural, academic and scientific representations of Germany in Japan (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as above)
6. Design and guidance of the implementation of a tourism initiative for Germany in Japan combining the attractions of German regional clusters of business, culture and life-style with the participation of the Federal Economic Ministry, Lufthansa, the German Tourism Agency as well as leading German orchestras, museums and opera houses (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as above)
7. Initiation, guidance of project management, and procurement of finance from leading Japanese media enterprises for major cultural representations of Germany in Japan such as: exhibitions of the Dresden State Galleries and the Berlin State Museums, concerts of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Simon Rattle and performances of the Munich Opera under Subin Mehta in Japan (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as above)
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