1. Analysis of the Kuwait/Iraq Crisis preceding the first Gulf War, for Mitsui Corporation in November 1990 (Michèle Schmiegelow in her capacity as Executive Director of the Global Economic Strategy Center a.s.b.l., Blanmont)
2. Analysis of the political and economic consequences of the US operation Desert Storm for Mitsubishi Corporation in February 1991 (Michèle Schmiegelow in her capacity as above)
3. Launching of the article "Une Constitution fédérale pour l'Europe?" by President Johannes Rau in the French Daily “Le Monde” on November 4, 1999, the first initiative, subsequently taken up by Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, and in 2007, by Chancellor Angela Merkel, for the EU to give itself a constitution defining a clearer division of legislative powers between Brussels and the Member States (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as foreign policy advisor to President Rau)
4. Organization of a colloquium of heads of state and religious leaders under the chairmanship of President Rau on intercultural dialogue at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2000, (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as above)
5. Presentation on tensions between India and Pakistan as nuclear powers, for a special training course of NATO officers at the Académie Royale Militaire in April 2006 (Michèle Schmiegelow in her capacity as Professor of the Universitys of Louvain)
6. Report on functional integration in Europe and East Asia to the World Development Institute of the Chinese Government at Beijing in October 2006 (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as executive director of Schmiegelow Partner GbR)
7. Advice on strategically echeloned time horizons for development projects (rapid impact, medium term structural improvement, and long-term institution building) as a prerequisite for securing peace in Afghanistan, for a workshop of the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation in Berlin, November 2006 (Henrik Schmiegelow in his capacity as former German Ambassador to Japan)
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